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What to Do When a Bridesmaid Is Allergic to Flowers

You have the perfect flowers picked out for your summer wedding, and then you learn that one of your best friends and bridesmaids has awful allergies. It's okay, don't panic, there are a number of flowers that won't cause her to break out in sniffles during your ceremony. (Well, maybe she will, but preferably out of happiness.) Don't let a little pollen hold you back from having a beautiful array of flowers on your big day. Here's a list of flowers that are friendly to those with allergies:

These flowers are a classic symbol of love and affection, and they're also pollen free. Use variously colored roses in your wedding to convey different messages. Of course, red roses symbolize deep love and passion, but white roses are actually associated with marriage. Pink roses symbolize elegance and yellow roses traditionally signify friendship. No matter what color the rose, these flowers will keep your bridesmaids smiling throughout your wedding day. 

Though lilies have pollen, horticulturalists have cultivated lilies that are pollen-free. These allergy friendly varieties are available at most local florists, but if you can't find them don't worry, removing pollen from lilies is a simple process. Have florists remove the stamens and anthers from the flowers to make sure they don't cause any discomfort for your bridesmaid. If you want to take on this task yourself, dress in clothes that you don't mind getting dirty and wear gloves, as pollen can leave a yellow stain. 

The hydrangea plant comes in a wide range of colors than can complement nearly any wedding aesthetic. Hydrangeas have large flower heads that will stand out at your ceremony or reception. Allergic reactions to flowers come from pollen that is airborne entering the nose or mouth, but hydrangeas produce a heavy, sticky pollen that is transported by insects and birds, so your bridesmaid won't have to worry about pollen floating into the air. 

These flowers have a distinct look and a broad color spectrum with gorgeous hues of red, orange and yellow. Begonias are another allergy-friendly flower that will keep your bridesmaid from falling victim to pollen. 

Flowers to Avoid
Though daisies are beautiful, flowers in this family release lots of pollen and are not recommended for those with allergies. Some hybridized pollen-free flowers related to daisies do exist, specifically chrysanthemums and dahlias, but these flowers may be hard to locate. 

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