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Sweepstakes: “What is Love?” Win Flowers!

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Teleflora's In Love With Lime Bouquet
Teleflora’s In Love With Lime Bouquet

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Roses and Lilies
Roses and lilies

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Don’t forget to send your loved ones flowers for Valentine’s Day!

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Just tell us what love means to you in the comments below.

  • 3 (three) winners will receive (1) Gift Card for $75 at Teleflora.com + FREE Service Fee (approximate retail value $90)
  • The three (3) random winners will be notified by email on February 8th, 2015.
  • You must order your flowers on our website (you cannot place your order on the phone) by February 29th, 2016. All bouquets must be delivered to a USA address.

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Watch our all-new video which debuted on February 1st, which captures the countless acts and expressions of love that touch our hearts and enrich our lives. “What is Love” Valentine’s Day videos. This year we celebrate every kind of love.

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What is Love?


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  1. Teleflora says


  2. Elizabeth says

    Love means being able to depend on someone and making sure they can depend on you.

  3. Laura Edmonds says

    Love is my family, especially my two boys!

  4. Kyle Wuokko says

    Love to me means never giving up and always supporting your loved ones. A willingness to keep trying no matter what has happened is essential to a lasting love.

  5. Beverly Salomon says

    Love it being there for my two boys and my friends. Being honest always. #telefora

  6. Tracy Bonnett says

    Love is being there for my partner especially as he looks to see his kids.

  7. Nathan says

    Love means doing anything to make them happy

  8. michelle jacobsen says

    Knowing that you have someone by your side in this game called life

  9. Alyssa Jones says

    Love is my grandfather tearing up over the album of restored family photos I gifted to him and my grandmother on Christmas.

  10. jessica says

    Love is patience and the willingness to understand

  11. Anne C says

    Loving is caring more for another’s well being than your own.

  12. LISA SIMOES says

    Love is unconditional, and lasts forever.

  13. Samantha says

    Love to me means – trust, support, the ups as well as the downs and someone you can be together forever with.

  14. Glasgow says

    Love is your willingness to give up on your own happiness for the one that you love and care about

  15. Ephraim says

    Love is when you want the best for someone else before yourself because that’s how important they’ve become to you

  16. Bettye Short says

    Love is being there for your family and friends and letting them know how much you care about them.

  17. Raymond Stone says

    In it to WIN it! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Denise Cussins says

    When you have someone who is happy with you being yourself..that is love

  19. Bonnie Taft says

    Love means showing you care in every way you can and always being there for comfort and support.

  20. Joan Wagstaff says

    Love is putting another’s needs before your own.

  21. Dana Rodriguez says

    Love to me is having that special someone that is always there for you no matter what.

  22. Kimmy Ripley says

    Love to me is a bond that can never be broken. Me and my husband have been together 16 years and we are still madly in love with each other.

  23. Shirley Gerken says


    Love is hard work which we must continue each & every day

  24. james doyle says

    Love means purpose to this life 😉

  25. Kristi Bernard says

    Love is being supportive. Love is doing thankless jobs like laundry. Love is never selfish. Love is giving without a return. Love is beautiful and a blessing.

  26. Diana Raphael says

    Love is laughing together and being on the same page about the important things in life.

  27. Kathleen Swaney says

    Love is always being able to count on and support my family

  28. Marjorie Bottiger says

    Love is just caring no matter what!!

  29. Robert Tschinkel says

    Love is accepting people for who they are, unconditionally, showing compassion and caring to everyone

  30. Sara Negron says

    Love is wanting another person to succeed, for their happiness.

  31. Denise says

    Love is the greatest force on Earth.

  32. Diana Harris says

    Love is being selfless to those around you, whether they be friends, family or total strangers.

  33. Garelyn Williams says

    Love is caring for someone else deeply and unconditionally.

  34. Patricia says

    Love is dependability…He will always cover my back…He will always pick up the kids on time,etc.

  35. Dottie says

    Love means thinking of another before yourself, respect and companionship.

  36. Natalie says

    Love means doing what is best for another person even if it is hard or not what the person desires. It means always being there, even during the tough times.

  37. Penny Duell says

    It’s finding your true self in another person. The key to discovery is when your happiness and joy is wrapped up in the pursuit of finding it for the other person instead of yourself.

  38. carrie rizzo says

    Love means family, especially grandchildren!!! A new one on the way!!!

  39. Laura says

    Love is a commitment that doesn’t quit when things get difficult.

  40. Jenny Q. says

    Love means always being their for someone especially when they need you.

  41. Chris Mason says

    It means don’t hurt me, no more.

  42. Kim O says

    Love means respecting your partner and being there for them through thick and thin

  43. Lauren Olivia Wood says

    Love means giving sacrificially even when you don’t feel like it.

  44. Preston Chapman says

    Love is kind, Love is patient, Love is forgiving, Love is family, Love is forever, Love is wonderful.

  45. Charles says

    Love is caring for each-other, and staying with each-other no matter what happens, always working problems out.

  46. Nicole Huckins says

    Love is being trustworthy.

  47. Holly West says

    Love means never giving up when the going gets rough. Having each other’s backs regardless of what comes ahead knowing you’ll always be together in trust.

  48. KATHRYN TEEL says

    Love is unconditional

  49. Eva Mack says

    Love is the Force… it enpowers

  50. david heath says

    Love never means to say you are sorry

  51. Ignacio Almaraz says

    Love is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Mary Poole says

    love is magical and it can let you have happy tears and butterflies

  53. marc popkin says

    loves mean a lifelong commitent

  54. Linda Poplees says

    Love makes you feel incomplete without the other person. If forgives quickly and it remains always. It makes you a better person. Love always makes my heart skip a beat and brings an unbreakable smile to my face.

  55. kathy decicco says

    Love is cleaning the bathroom after the one you love has a bout of stomach flu.

  56. Kathleen Downes says

    Love is the reason we are alive.

  57. Alexandrea ferrugia says

    Love is unconditional, love is the most amazing feeling in the world, love is like a warm feeling inside of you. Love is free

  58. Chris M says

    Caring for others and them caring about you through life’s trials and tribulations.

  59. Cynthia Finan says

    Love is being there when it’s all good, staying there when it’s not all good, and never making the other person feeling bad about it!

  60. Michaela says

    Love means accepting someone for everything they are, the good and the bad. But love is when the “bad” doesn’t seem all that bad to you. Everything about this other person is good and you can’t seem to get enough. The world seems brighter, your smile seems bigger, everything tends to be better when you’re with them.

  61. Billie Rowell says

    Love means family!

  62. John Sweeney says

    Love is trusting the other person to act on your behalf no matter their own self-interests.

  63. Jennie Thacker says

    Love is that feeling when your grand babies opens their mouth and give you their version of a kiss!

  64. Deb K says

    Love gives you butterflies.

  65. Rickie Johnson says

    Love means waking up in a nice comfortable place next to my wonderful wife for the rest of my life.

  66. Bren F says

    Love is loving everyone for who they are

  67. Laura K says

    Love means you have decided to give the gift of forgiveness again and again to each other forever.

  68. ELIZABETH C. says

    Love is a feeling of complete bliss and peace !

  69. Debra S says

    Love is doing the loving and right thing for someone even when you don’t particularly feel the emotion at that moment. Always building them up, never tear them down.

  70. Nancy McCaig says

    Love is caring more about the other person than you care about yourself.

  71. alessandro p says

    love means showing kindness and compassion

  72. vanessa dalton says

    To me, love means finding someone that brings out the best version of yourself and challenges you to be better. Someone who you are completely comfortable with and who knows you inside and out. Someone who is truly your partner and best friend and that you can share all your experiences with.

  73. Priscilla S. says

    Love is life’s greatest blessing. It is powerful, unconditional and steadfast.

  74. Milly Voskanyan says

    Love means happiness & never being lonely.

  75. JAK says

    Love is feeling safe, protected, supported and happy!!

  76. Marcia Patterson says

    Love is biological, evolved as a means to help preserve mankind. In the heart it is everlasting. Were it that the heart might live forever so could my love for you.

  77. debbie dibartolomeo says

    love is the act of choosing you over something else, having a ’til we die together’ mentality.

  78. z. smith says

    To me love means that you want to spend as much time together as possible.

  79. Brian says

    Obligatory Flowers

  80. velder dixon says

    love is me treating everyone with kindness

  81. Meredith Tinsley says

    Love is accepting someone for who they are and not trying to force them to be something they are not.

  82. Jessica Parcel says

    Love is a deep bond between close friends and family members.

  83. Melanie Bracero says

    Love is looking into each one of my 5 children’s eyes, or ending the day in bed with my husband of 20years. Love is the true people you allow into your life. It can even be a beautiful bouquet of flower’s

  84. michelle jacobsen says

    love means you have a best friend to grow old with

  85. Robyn Henning says

    Love is being there for someone, good or bad times.

  86. Pattie Webb says

    Love to me is having a family and friends who are there for you when you need them and is unconditional.

  87. Heather joslin says

    What is love? love is a deep feeling that comes from the heart. It is a strong, passionate, tender, unconditional, sometimes blinding, frustrating and or yet confusing feeling from the heart. Love is holding your child for the first time, love is marrying the man or woman you have decided to spend the rest of your life with, love is family, love is being blessed to be able to wake up each and every day, love sometimes can be so strong it can be overpowering…. It is what you make of it!

  88. Shannon Goldschmidt says

    To me, love is finding that one person that you want to share all of your time with. The person you never stop thinking about or caring about. It’s the person you would do anything for. The one who brings out the best in you and makes you want to be a better person. It’s the person whom you accept them for who they are, including any faults or flaws they have because even their imperfections make that person perfect to you. Love is what you have with the person you want to share your whole life with and can’t fathom ever being without.

  89. Pietra says

    Love is baby kisses. Love is hugs from my kids. Love is sitting with my husband, holding hands and not talking. Love is helping my mom with something. Love is missing my deceased daughter every second of every day. Love is unconditional, accepting and heartfelt.

  90. Rhianna says

    Love is……Everything.
    That first kiss…
    The awkward dates…
    meeting their family…
    the proposal…
    your vows…
    building a life…
    having children…
    growing together…
    going through good times…
    going through bad times…
    laughter and tears…
    birth and death…
    children leaving the home….
    new beginnings…
    The love of your life and forever.

    Love is Eternal, Timeless and Worth it all.

    Love has no no agenda, no race, no gender and no limits.Go find your love, it’s out there.

  91. tina wonderling says

    love is being woth your best friend for over 28 years… you know what eath needs, wants,..can each others minds, knows when you need a hug, always being there for each other

  92. gretchen lucas says

    love is your family, someone who is there for you no matter what

  93. Cathy Wells says

    love is finding the man of my dreams on the internet

  94. connie says

    love is being there for anyone your family and your parents sharing and be able to depend on someone. you always say you love that person everyday no matter what. and still loving that person up in heaven

  95. Tiffany Vaughn says

    love is giving up your everything to keep them in your life .. I gave up dating job just to care for my mom .. yes she could have went to a nursing home but she wouldnt have been happy .. mom is my hero we are kicking cancer one day at a time togethe

  96. Claudia Maldonado says

    Love is Agape, unconditional love, love that does not ask anything in return! Love is giving yourself to the person you enjoy being with, laughing without no reason and letting the other person become the best version of him/ herself with your help! And he/ she will do the same to you.

  97. marsha says

    love to me is just wanting to share being together..love is fun..love comes easy and if it don’t let it go..lol

  98. annetta cormier says

    Love is close friends and family members.

  99. Wendi St Jean says

    Love is a feeling of pure happiness, warmth, peace, trust, and contentment

  100. Debra Cox says

    Love is no picnic. It is a job that has good days and bad days. You do not get sick days off. You do not give up on each other just because you have a fight. You learn to give and take…and give more! Love is worth fighting for because love is a beautiful thing ♡♡♡

  101. Julia Welsh says

    Love is caring,honesty, loyalty, understanding. Love is always make you other feel special.

  102. Barb Squires says

    Love is caring for family and friends when times are bad or good. Not trying to change a person into someone they are not and being there for them.

  103. Linda Bach says

    Love is knowing the first touch of a child when it is born because to a woman that is pure joy and bliss.

  104. Laura S says

    Love is hard work sometimes but worth it in the end

  105. Ivette says

    Love is helping others without asking anything in return.

  106. Ivette says

    Love is helping others without asking for anything in return.

  107. Lesa Schewe says

    Love is…..unselfish

  108. Tracy Paugh says

    Love is unconditional, sickness and in health. My wife drives me to my tests and oncologist appointments and is always there for me.

  109. jeanne conner says

    Love is over rated!!! just sayin

  110. Lauren says

    Love means deeply caring for something or someone

  111. Cortney Riley says

    Love is finding the best in someone and letting each other be themselves !

  112. Marci says

    To me love means someone being there for you through thick and thin

  113. shelly p says

    love is your family,knowing there always there and that they care.trusting each other and being honest,and always have time to listen.

  114. Kathryn C says

    LOVE is caring, compassion, empathy & respect

  115. Pamela Michelle says

    Love is the reason you get out of bed each morning that fills your heart with joy!

  116. sandra says

    love means always being there for someone

  117. Sherry Conrad says

    So many types of love – to me it means wanting the best for the other, and sticking by them through good times and bad.

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