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Picking Grooms’s Flowers

For a lot of guys, picking out a boutonniere for their wedding day might be quite the challenge. While there are hundreds of other important things to consider when getting married, appearance is certainly up there. Considering the groom is half the show's main attraction, he has to look good and, though he may not be able to spell boutonniere, he better at least have a handle on how to wear it. As a staple of grooms' wedding attire, the boutonniere requires significant consideration, giving gentlemen an opportunity to stand out and look classy. Here are some tips for selecting flowers for the groom:

Know the Etiquette
Boutonnieres, also known as buttonhole flowers, became a popular chivalric gesture to communicate different messages via the flower's meaning. The boutonniere is worn over the left lapel, as the position is closest to the groom's heart. The stem should not be pinned to the lapel as it may cause the lapel to droop, but most quality suits and tuxedos have a loop behind the top buttonhole to accommodate the stem. Boutonnieres are generally a single blossom and until recently were an exact match to the bridal bouquet. Boutonnieres no longer have to be a uniform copy of the bride's flowers, however, the groom's flowers should still complement them.

Go With the Theme
Historically, boutonnieres have been worn to convey a number of messages including love, luck and trustworthiness. This is done using timeless flowers such as roses, lilies or orchids. Now, boutonnieres encompass a much wider range of flowers, giving grooms the opportunity to complement the floral decorations of any wedding. Though the groom's flowers should stand out, it is also important not to clash with the overall theme. 

Keep It Simple
Up until the 1960s, simple boutonnieres were much a part of daily attire for men in suits. Watch old black and white movies to get a sense of how boutonnieres looked in day-to-day life. These flowers fell out of fashion as attire grew more casual, but the theme of simplicity remains. Though it is important for the groom to look his best, overdoing the boutonniere could prove distracting from the event at hand.

Help Your Groomsmen
Never lead with the assumption that your friends have an understanding of flowers or proper boutonniere etiquette. The groom generally gets boutonnieres for his groomsmen to wear on the left lapel, and making sure they look sharp standing up in your wedding is important to how the ceremony goes. Use your knowledge to help your groomsmen look their best. 

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