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Meet the Moms Behind Teleflora’s 2018 Mother’s Day Campaign “Love Makes a Mom”

Mother’s Day is a very special time for us here at Teleflora. We love playing a big role in making sure that moms and motherly figures across the country are treated to an extra special day to thank them for their endless love, support, and hard work. Every day, moms wake up ready to take on life’s challenges and are willing to do whatever it takes to fight battles for their family with courage, strength, and determination. Regardless of their background or status, moms everywhere have the same mission: to love their children unconditionally. That’s why moms are our heroes, day in and day out. To pay tribute to mothers across the country during this special holiday, we are profiling the three heroes and faces of our 2018 Mother’s Day Campaign “Love Makes a Mom”:



Cara has a beautiful blended family. She gained her step daughter Amber when she married Jack.  And soon after her son Jack Jr. was born, they decided to go for a third child. Eleven weeks into her pregnancy, Cara was told that there was a very good chance that the little girl she wanted so badly would have Down Syndrome. While Cara knew she would love her daughter, she worried that she was not equipped to be the mom her baby needed.  Now, seven years later, Mia is the life of the party and the heart of the family.

Cara is an ER nurse by profession. At her hospital, she is known as the nurse who “excels at empathy”. She’s the nurse who goes into the room to hold your hand and comfort you after you’ve received bad news or when you don’t have family to be there for you. Knowing that, Cara still credits Mia with having the highest emotional intelligence of anyone she knows. She has said that Mia knows what everyone needs (i.e. a hug or a kiss) even when they don’t know it.  In raising Mia, Cara’s own view on motherhood and what the “perfect family” looks like has changed. Mia is the glue that holds her family together. Or as her big brother Jack Jr. would say, “Mia is the patty in the Armstrong family hamburger.”



Denise’s mom was in and out of her life, which made growing up difficult and unpredictable. Denise was determined to succeed and enrolled in the Army, where she was a combat medic for 8 years. She also went to grad school, started her own business, and she now teaches veterans financial literacy. For most 30-year-olds, that would be more than enough. But when Denise drove hundreds of miles to visit her 15-year-old half-sister, Taylor, she saw a girl that was missing something. Her grades were down, and her life was inconsistent. She was being raised by their grandmother, whose health was fading. Something had to change.

Denise decided to step in to raise Taylor and be the mom that she needed. They now live together in Denise’s apartment, where she gives Taylor structure, encouragement, and unconditional love. This monumental step has changed both of their lives in a very special way they never imagined. Denise credits her Army background and training with teaching Taylor discipline and routine to be able to accomplish this. As a sister and a mom, Denise is multi-dimensional in a unique way. Her sister Taylor calls her “Sama” (Sister + Mama).



Patrice and Courtney have known each other since college. They lost touch after a while, but when they reunited, sparks flew and they knew they were meant to be together. There was just one catch – Courtney was pregnant from a previous relationship. But, that did not deter Patrice. Without hesitation, she stepped in and vowed to be there for both Courtney and her daughter, Leah. And because of that, from the moment Leah came into the world, she’s had two moms who love her. Patrice and Courtney are engaged now, and they’re working together to raise Leah to be a kind, generous, and loving person. They love doing yoga and meditating together to stay grounded.


Every mom or motherly figure in your life is special in her own way. Don’t forget to remind her just how much she means to you this year. Love is truly what makes moms so amazing! Here’s to all the moms out there, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you do!

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