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Football Party 101: 7 Tournament of Roses Party Favors

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The Tournament of Roses and its accompanying parade have long been a staple in college football. This year, the Iowa Hawkeyes are taking on the Stanford Cardinals in what promises to be an exciting matchup. Whether you're throwing a party or attending one, you shouldn't be empty handed when it comes to food and beverages for the big game. Don't miss out on a chance to have some fun with game-themed party favors. 

Here are seven party favors to bring to your Rose Bowl festivities this year:

1. Individually wrapped gourmet cupcakes
You can have a lot of fun with this one, especially if you consider yourself an expert baker. It doesn't matter if they're chocolate or vanilla, what's important about these cupcakes is that they follow the Rose Bowl theme. What's the easiest way to accomplish this? Top each one with a rose made of frosting. Not only is it in tune with the Rose Bowl theme visually, it will be tasty as well. To make each cupcake a little more personal, individually wrap each one for each guest. You can even write names on the wrappers if you know who will be in attendance.

2. Long-stem roses
Ladies, this goodie idea is for you. There's no faster way to a woman's heart than flowers. That expression doesn't go out the window just because you flip a football game on the television. Bring along long-stem roses in a bud vase for all the ladies in attendance. Even the women who aren't the biggest football fans are sure to appreciate receiving a rose for a a special occasion. You can even pick out different colored roses for different guests, if you think red won't cut it for everyone. Guys, make the effort to appease the women who will be watching the game with you.

3. Cereal snack mix 
You can never have too many snacks when you're watching a football game. Build your own snack mix before Rose Bowl kickoff this year. Grab your favorite cereals out of the pantry and throw in a few candies with your team's colors. If you're an Iowa Hawkeyes fan, think black and yellow. Stanford Cardinals fan? Red and white are both safe bets. 

4. Football shaped cookies
Football fans always appreciate having sweets available when they're watching the big game. There's nothing like a sugar rush to give you your second wind in cheering on your favorite team. To really get in the spirit of the game, try shaping the cookies as footballs. You can add yellow- or red-colored frosting to support whichever team you're cheering for in the Rose Bowl

5. Rose shaped cookies
Same rules apply as above. Only instead of footballs, try to shape your cookies like roses. If you really want to dive into the rose theme, feel free to add a rose petal to the tops of your cookies. All roses are edible, and the darker varieties offer the most flavor. Though all roses are edible, they're not all food-safe. Use food grade, not florist roses, if you're going to use this tip.

6. Red punch
There's nothing like a delicious punch to serve as your main refreshment during the big game. Look up your favorite recipe and whip it up before the party starts. Just make sure you use red ingredients or add red food coloring to help keep people in the Rose Bowl mood.

7. Chili
Not only is chili an excellent snack for football games, it's even more delicious in the winter months. Since the Rose Bowl is in the heart of the winter, warm your guests' bellies (and your own) by preparing a tasty chili for the party. 


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