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Classic & Affordable Bouquets for Overwhelmed Brides

Your wedding day is a celebration you'll hold in your memory forever. With that said, a wedding is also a symbolic beginning to sharing the rest of your life with another person. Getting married is also potentially a sign of taking on more financial responsibilities, whether that be buying a house, leasing a new family-sized car or sending the kids off to college. All of those costs can be overwhelming, so it's not a bad thing if you want to start saving before the ceremony. Some costs are unavoidably high, but flowers don't have to make a major dent in your wedding budget. While you're fretting over the cost of having a string quartet play at the ceremony or serving duck flambe', let your bouquet be the one item that won't have you stressing over finances. Here are some tips for finding classic and affordable wedding bouquets:

Transport the Flowers From the Ceremony to the Reception
If you don't have a tremendous amount of flowers at the reception, have a close family friend transport flowers from the ceremony to your reception once your vows have been said.. Have this person arrive at the the reception early to set up the flowers before the rest of your guests arrive. 

Use Flowers in Season
Flowers that are in bloom are usually less expensive. For example, blooms such as marigolds or daisies will be less expensive in autumn because they are in season. Of course, classic wedding flowers such as roses or carnations are generally inexpensive and available year round.

Use Only a Few Expensive Flowers
Peonies have large heads that are extra fluffy. However, of these flowers can be expensive. If you're set on peonies or other large blooms, shoot for smaller numbers to save on cost. The bulky flower heads will take up more space, so the same presence of the bouquet can be made with fewer flowers.

Get Affordable Flowers
On the other hand, if a few expensive flowers don't provide the effect you desire, buy a larger number of affordable flowers. Carnations are perennially one of the most affordable flowers. You can try to find a happy medium between quality and quantity, but finding this balance while remaining frugal can be challenging. 

Order Flowers Online
Find an online wholesaler that works with local florists. Online florists often have good deals and work with a wide network of locals to give you the best bang for your buck.  

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